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Paúl Peralvo, Amazing Ecuador
Paúl Peralvo

I started to travel throughout Ecuador at a very young age. I used to spend exciting vacations at my grandparents’ property in a rural parish, south of my hometown of Quito.

I have beautiful memories spending long hours a day walking in the fields at the foothills of the snow capped Carihuairazo volcano,  picking  blackberries and harvesting potatoes that we brought to my grandparents’ house for a meal with the whole family every Sunday. I am grateful that my parents taught me how to appreciate the local environment of our beautiful country. 

After finishing my ecotourism degree at a local university in Quito, I spent a year in the Galapagos Islands. Afterward, I returned home and started my career, for which I am very passionate. I have been working in the travel industry for the past 15 years. I consider myself incredibly lucky to be able to work in such a wonderful industry, sharing the same passion with my wife Belen and our two lovely daughters, Victoria and Paula.

Amazing Ecuador Belén Sandoval
Belén Sandoval

I come from a family of nature lovers. Showing Ecuador to the world was my primary motivation to get involved in tourism. I had the opportunity to grow up surrounded by farm animals and nature on my parents’ ranch. I have always liked to explore and discover new things.

I obtained a degree in tourism business administration at a local university where my love for the travel industry increased.

A few years ago, we converted my parents’ ranch into a small farm stay where we have had the opportunity to host wonderful people from all over the world. I love history, culture, gastronomy, and horseback riding. 

I am profoundly grateful to share this beautiful profession with the people I love.

Toquilla straw hats, Manabí
Ecuadorian Coast
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We create excellent, customized, and exclusive luxury travel experiences. Amazing Ecuador is our treasured life project. The journey has not been an easy one but together we have made it fun and rewarding. Our perseverance and love for what we do brought us right here.
We love our country, we know the industry, we like to meet people, we like to be creative, and we passionately believe that multiple goals can be achieved through sustainable tourism. We invite you to join us and enjoy this exciting ride together!
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